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Termination of hosting services


More than 6 years ago, we started a new adventure, sHost.ca. Our mission was simple: make it simple for people to "feed" their passion for web development. During all those years, we believe to have achieved our goals and have also confirmed that our very own passion for web technologies was real. We hope we made a difference in the accomplishment of your goals as well.

sHost.ca took our passion to a greater level and we can now proudly say that this passion made it to our careers. Unfortunately, it is also for this reason that we going to close our doors permanently. We are thankful to each and every one of you for your trust and beliefs in us for all these years. We are honoured that you believed we were up to the task of hosting your various projects. Since 2012, sHost.ca has seen over 14 000 websites. No need to tell you that managing that amount of websites demanded countless hours, all of which were done voluntarily.

Our professional path no longer allows us to invest enough time in managing websites and taking care of support requests to provide an acceptable level of service. Consequently, we have decided to shutdown our services on December 14, 2018 in order to keep our reputation great and avoid offering a quality of service similar to our competitors.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to recommend any free web hosting services, as we haven't found one that shares our philosophy. However, OVH has numerous paid offers that will undoubtedly suit each and every one of you.

We wish you the best of luck in all of your projects and we hope that you will continue to "feed" your passion of web technologies even after sHost.ca shutting down.

Important notes regarding migration to other services

For websites using the ".shost.ca" subdomain, we advise you to be prompt in finding another web hosting to allow you to install a redirect from your old to your new address. It will allow Google and other search engines to update their records regarding your website. We also recommend you to purchase a domain name to prevent having to change your website address in the future if a situation like this was to occur again with another hosting provider.

For websites using custom domain names, please change your DNS records from n1.shost.ca and n2.shost.ca to those of your new web hosting provider.

After December 14, 2018, all of our services will be unreachable. We will keep a copy of the server for 6 months (up until June 14, 2019). You will be able to reach us at support@shost.ca if you need it during that time.

Please delete your website from our services if you no longer require it.

Once again, we thank you for your trust during all those years and wish you the best of luck in your future projects!

Best Regards,
Dominick Labrie & Mathieu Quesnel
Administrators [sHost.ca]

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