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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use presented here are intended to define the terms of all services offered by sHost.ca. The use of our services signifies your acceptance of these conditions in full.

1) Project's spirit

sHost.ca is a free hosting project that promotes the web in both its open and community aspect. It is primarily intended for individuals. The management team consists of volunteers who are not paid for this work.

The technical support cannot be used as an "answer to all IT related question" and can be used only when a problem occurs with the hosting service. The forum is available to answer all sorts of questions, including programming problems.

sHost.ca is committed to doing everything in its power to:

  • Provide quality service with a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP & Email)
  • Do not modify your site (except made during the terms of use infringement)
  • Do not disclose your confidential data (see privacy policy).
  • Inform users of new products, and other issues through a newsletter.

2) Limitation of Liability

The commitments of sHost.ca are by no means contractual obligations. As a result, administrators have no obligation to provide an absolute service. The user hereby waives any claim against the administrators to engage its contractual liability.

The hosting spaces available, free of charge, from the sHost.ca community are the exclusive property of the service. A user cannot claim ownership of a hosting space. The user is the simple occupant of the hosting space and fully responsible for the data stored on this hosting space (including email and databases). In no event sHost.ca can be held responsible for the content of a hosted site, a mailbox, a database or the forum. The user is legally responsible for the content of his account and his comments on the forum. He will be the only one concerned for prosecution.

The accounts and their associated hosting space(s) is/are personal. The sale, loan or sublet of a hosting space is strictly prohibited and will lead to the immediate destruction of the full account, accompanied by a ban from our services.

Our hosting services are free. Never buy a sHost.ca hosting space! Report any person wishing or having sold their account.

3) Penalties for non-compliance

sHost.ca makes regular checks of sites to identify the illegal use of its services. Non-compliance can lead to the deletion of the account and its data in the most serious cases without any notice and without the possibility of recovering the data. The user will not be entitled to any damages and interest in compensation for damage induced by this particular deletion of data.

During the checks, failure to comply with the terms of use will result in a warning to the user in the form of an email. In some cases, there may be a disruption of services accompanied, forthwith or within the period announced by the warning email. If this warning is ignored or unanswered, a deletion of the account will follow.

Anyone suspected of hacking, attacks on the integrity of the server or suspected of conducting criminal activities will be instantly banned from the server. His account will be destroyed and its data backed up on an external drive to the server and sent to the competent authorities. Any violation of the law of Canada will result in a report to the relevant authorities.

Any modification of the terms of use will be announced on the main page of the site and a newsletter will be sent to each user. The terms of use can be changed without any notice. It is your responsibility to check them regularly.

Following the ethics of sHost.ca, you have a right to access and correct your personal data.

4) Terms of Use of the services

Usage of our services for the following purposes is prohibited:

  • Commercial use, lucrative or commercial window (Exception to non-profits: § 4.b).
  • Ask for donations (Exception to non-profits: § 4.b).
  • Usage in a professional setting.
  • Displaying advertisements that are not from sHost.ca.
  • Personal file and folder storage.
  • Backup storage (We have a dedicated service to it).
  • Video file storage.
  • Private website hosting (requires to have an account or to know the direct address).
  • Hosting of PHP games (such as Habbo, Ogame, VAM, etc.)
  • Encouraging piracy.
  • Hosting of nulled (pirated) website software.
  • Hosting of pornography (No "not safe for work" content must be shown on home page).
  • Hosting of website distributing demo versions of proprietary software.
  • Hosting of website that does not follow our fair use policy.
  • Attempted intrusion into the computer system of others.
  • Illegal or fraudulent activities by current legislation in Canada.
  • Incitement to violence, racial, religious or political.
  • Use of services for other purposes for which they were designed.

It should be noted that the administrators have full access to user files hosted on the server and can perform audits through scripts.

The applicant further undertakes to:

  • Upload a complete website within three weeks after receiving the confirmation of registration.
  • Update the website with new content or design regularly.
  • Comply to Terms of Use at all times.
  • Notify the administrator in case of problems on a hosted site.
  • Take responsibilities (notably civil and criminal) of the contents of its website and the links it contains (§ 2)

4.a) Fictive websites

They are tolerated only for students and adult learners. The proof of this status may be asked by an administrator and must be provided under penalty of suspension and deletion of the account in full.

The fictitious nature of the website must appear on all of its pages in a visible way and the site should not use actual payment platforms (PayPal links, etc.)

4.b) Non-profit organizations

Any non-profit organization claiming their title is required to provide the receipt of registration given by the governmental entity every time and administrator requests it. Requests for donations and business activities will be accepted as soon as the documents have been validated by an administrator.

Failure to submit the articles will result in being considered like all other users hosted on sHost.ca, with the prohibition of business activities and donations.

4.c) Fair use of resources

To ensure quality service to all our users, we ask that each supervises the proper use of its website resources. This implies:

  • Set up a protection against spam robots.
  • Be aware of the bandwidth used by the website to optimize its use.
  • Do not host videos on our services. YouTube and Vimeo are exemplary services in optimization and distribution of video content.
  • Not host freeware available on the publisher's website.
  • Avoid hosting large files that can be downloaded excessively.

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