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A false identity will result in account deletion without notice.
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Terms of Use (Extract)

Usage of our services for the following purposes is prohibited:

  • Commercial use, lucrative or commercial window (Exception to non-profits: § 4.b).
  • Ask for donations (Exception to non-profits: § 4.b).
  • Usage in a professional setting.
  • Displaying advertisements that are not from sHost.ca.
  • Personal file and folder storage.
  • Backup storage (We have a dedicated service to it).
  • Video file storage.
  • Private website hosting (requires to have an account or to know the direct address).
  • Hosting of PHP games (such as Habbo, Ogame, VAM, etc.)
  • Encouraging piracy.
  • Hosting of nulled (pirated) website software.
  • Hosting of pornography (No "not safe for work" content must be shown on home page).
  • Hosting of website distributing demo versions of proprietary software.
  • Hosting of website that does not follow our fair use policy.
  • Attempted intrusion into the computer system of others.
  • Illegal or fraudulent activities by current legislation in Canada.
  • Incitement to violence, racial, religious or political.
  • Use of services for other purposes for which they were designed.

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